DRIVEN Letterhead and Logo Design

DRIVEN Career Map

The co-founders of DRIVEN approached us about building an e-commerce website for their new career coaching startup.

As part of the design project, we also created several core brand elements for use across DRIVEN’s print and web materials.

View the finished site at

E-commerce Website Design
Custom Website Design For Wordpress

“Career transition is our expertise, website design, graphic design…is not. We needed a partner who could, really understand our project, get a feel for our audience, and what we are about, and turn that into something visually amazing … and that’s where Whited came to the rescue. Tim [Lead Designer @ Brådland] does a wonderful job partnering, he asks great questions, listens to what our needs are. He offers suggestions and solutions that are creative and helpful. He’s super creative, responsive and patient during the back and forth process of building out a web design. I’d highly recommend working with him!”

-Val (Co-Founder, DRIVEN Career Map)

Career Coaching Website Design For Wordpress
DRIVEN Career Map Website Design

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